How our journey began

The journey begins one sunny day where mother and daughter are having a moment of recollecting childhood memories. Grandmother becomes a central figure in the discussions. It is through her indigenous knowledge of stories and songs, that she was able to leave a lasting impression in the mind of a little girl discovering the world.

Memories, such as what would play out in the event of there being a thunderstorm, came to mind. This being a custom in most African homes, grandmother would instruct that all electrical appliances to be switched off and mirrors covered. What was special in our home was that this was a moment in which grandmother would begin to tell her 6 grandchildren folktales. We would laugh at stories of mystical creatures living in big lakes or stories of grandmothers spitting on the sand making mud to remove a spell.

These stories while entertaining, had a subtle moral lesson to be learnt. This is where the journey started of developing and strengthening home based indigenous knowledge which would later be incorporated in the school based curricular.

Fast forward in 2015/16 one realises that my daughter is growing up in a time where all this wonderful indigenous knowledge is still told through word of mouth and not revitalized through digital platforms. It was through this discovery that IndiLang was born and upon doing some research discovered that other mothers were sharing the same sentiments as us. IndiLang is a platform for all African indigenous Languages.